Full-Stack JavaScript Developer

I live in Tokyo. I’ve been fascinated to JavaScript OSS community.
I like Designing Software Architecture and provide straightforward development experience for people 🌎

Sometime I contribute to OSS that relevant React. And Making Libirary, Example App for new technology.

Hobby... Learning English 📚 PS4 Gaming 🎮 (fun of DMC!) DJ on iPad 🎧

Finally, my little journey goal is eliminate all Bullshit around the Software Dev.

Example App

TypeScript + Hooks Style code. and E2E/Integration Testing.
This repo appeared in the React+TypeScript Cheatsheets.

Built before Hooks. When I was reading a lot of Redux Example code, I felt that in many cases there was excessive abstraction, function splitting, file splitting, and directory splitting.
So I created straightforward code that just do Redux simple flow.

Dispatch Action ----> Reducer upates State

Mainly OSS Contribution

I like "No Abstraction > Wrong Abstraction" principle and I React Core Team.
Mainly create issue/discuss about Doc, Read & Reaction new feature PR, commit tweek fix something.

Specrum is a OSS communitiy platform. After they unveiled Spectrum as a open source, I was actively committed to mobile and comment link for about a month.

Unfortunately, the mobile version wasn't released due to a major roadmap change(such as the acquisition of Github), but this is the first time I joined a OSS project as an active contributor,
and collaborated with a great team like them I was really happy to be able to do that.

First Pull Request

Chrone Extension. I fixed irritative interaction. 🏄‍♂️

Created Library

I wanna global version of React's setState()
Thus I created 『const [store, setStore] = useStore()』One Shot Data Sharing Library 🍸

End of Life

🍨 Zero Abstraction React Redux binding library

Get Flow built-in type definition files ⛏
Flow's DOM typedef wasn't correct so I send PR, First One was acceped but next's fix all DOM return type of getBoundingClientRect() & getClientRects() #6997 isn't imported.
Therefore I needed fix manualy with this library.

Ruby on Rails personal blog for learning.
Made by newbie era me. Actually toy for wedev education, but I did whole role's work that's trigger of figure out my direction's "web, total software design, testing".

Archive tweets on every other day 📆.


Qiita (キータ) は、プログラマのための技術情報共有サービスです。 プログラミングに関することをどんどん投稿して、知識を記録、共有しましょう。 Qiitaに投稿すると、自分のコードやノウハウを見やすい形で残すことができます。