Full-Stack JavaScript Developer

I live in Tokyo, Japan. HTTP, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Flow, React, Redux, Node, GraphQL , Docker.
I’ve been fascinated to JavaScript OSS community.

Also i'd like to work for evolve Technology, increase Developer Experience, implove OSS sustainability🌎

OSS Contributor

I've never thanked so much for the web platform🤣
OSS communitiy platform. Mixed realtime chat & thread conversation,
join with single account.
I think this is solving pretty well slack's problems💯
No Abstraction > Wrong Abstraction.
I was struck by the attitude towards software development by the React Coreteam.
I think they are not influence sounds good but not real buzzwords.
They face the insanely complexity of software development from the front and I think that they express truly pragmatic practices, decision-making, and code itself🙂
I don't have a CS degree and hardly knew about comliling, linking, optimizing code.
I feel that it is now possible to touch computor science through webpack.
Now I'm filled with the mind to appreciate open source🙇‍️

OSS Backer

I'm living on sustained awesome OSS tools😀



Redux Vanilla

🍨 Hobby liblary learn to react/redux binding. That is passing raw redux store to React component.